Brief about the Destination: The Baba Balak Nath Ji Temple is one of the famous pilgrimage center of Himachal Pradesh. This  Deot Sidh, a medieval cave temple in Hamirpur,  visited throughout the year by devotees from all over India. It is also believed to be the sacred abode of Baba ji.


Places to visit:  Tapsya Sathali  of Sidh Sri Baba Baak Nath Ji  also known as Shah Talai Baba Balak Nath ji Mandir Darbar   &  Baba Balak Nath Ji Gurna Jharee Temple, Shah Talai, and Baba Balak Nath Ji Cave Temple, Chakmoh.


Location: Baba  Balak Nath Temple is situated at the village of “Chakmoh” in the district Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh, India.


Route: Chandigarh- Ropar-Kiratpur Sahib-Anandpur Sahib-Una-Deot Sidh.     Deot Sidh is  Connected from district Headquarter Hamirpur, Una, Bilaspur by Road. Inter State Bus Services is also available up to Shah Talai. Pilgrims can take taxi or auto rickshaw from Shah Talai to reach Deot Sidh Temple which is  just 4-5 Km away.


Distance from Chandigarh: 190 K.Ms 


Accommodation: Hotels and Dharamshalas are

available around Deot Sidh.


General Information:

(i)      Altitude above see level: Shah Talai is situated at an altitude of about 940 metres and Deot Sidh Temple is situated at 950 Meters above sea level..


(ii)         Climate: The Climate of the district is characterized  by an  intensely hot summer and  a pleasant cold season.


  • Best season to visit: Throughout the


  • Clothing: Cotton clothes in summer and woolens in winter.


(iii)  Language: Hindi and Pahari.


  • Items to carry: Required medicines and proper clothing.


  • Any other information: Travel Light.