Brief about the Destination: Yamnotri, the source of the Yamuna River and the seat of the Goddess Yamuna,  is one of the Four Dhams of Himalayas. Near this temple there are few hot springs from where water gushes out at boiling point.  At Gangotri, also one of the four Dhams of Himalaya, the temple of situated   on the right bank of river Bhagirathi.

Places to Visit: Haridwar, Yamnotri Temple-Surya Kund, Divya Shilla,

Gangotri:Gangotri Temple, Bhagirth Temple, Surya Kund, Gauri Kund

Location: Yamnotri  and Gangotri Temples are  located in  Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand. The route from Rishikesh  to Gangotri/Yamnotri  separates from Dharasu. From Dharasu one road goes to Yamnotri whereas the other road goes to Gangotri. For  going to Gangotri, tourists have to come back on the same route from Yamnotri to Dharasu and thereafter proceed to Gangotri via Uttarkashi.


Distance from Chandigarh: Yamnotri: 472 K.Ms including  6 K.Ms trekking.

Yamnotri to Gangotgri- 232 K.Ms

Accommodation: Hotels and Dharamshalas are available at Yamnotri and Gangotri.

General Information:

  • Altitude above sea level:Yamnotri: 3235 Mtr  Gangotri:  3140 Mtrs
  • Temperature: Maximum      Minimum

(Degree Celcius)         (Degree Celcius)

Summer                  20                        6

Winter      Less than Zero     Less than Zero

  • Best season to visit: May to June and September to October
  • Clothing: Light woolen in summer  and heavy woolens in Winter.
  • Language: Garwhali , Hindi and English.
  • Items to carry: Required  medicines and at Yamnotri Water Bottle, Stick, Sport Shoes.


Any other information: Tourists should be mentally and physically ready for trekking/ walking  and facing unpleasant weather